Calzedonia Shop

Calzedonia Shop

The Calzedonia brand is a vivid story of ambition, perseverance and the important role of innovation in any business.

The name of the Italian company combines two key words – “Calze” (stockings) and “Donna” (woman). They allow us to immediately understand what this brand is about and for whom it is.


Lviv, “Forum” shopping mall

Time spent

28 days


52 sq.m.

Number of employees



November, 2020

Scope of work

design, repair and construction work, installation of furniture

CCG Development and Calzedonia: more than five years of productive cooperation

Our company has been cooperating with the famous brand for over seven years. CCG Development professionals were involved in the construction of all stores of the Calzedonia group (Falconeri, Intimissimi, Tezenis, Calzedonia, Intimissimi uomo) throughout Ukraine. It is worth noting that not only women can update their wardrobe in branded outlets.


Not so long ago, a purely men’s store opened in the Gulliver shopping mall, which immediately found its fans. CCG Development also became a popular location among Lviv residents and guests of the Forum shopping mall in November 2020. It houses a store with an area of ​​52 square meters.


A team of 10 highly qualified specialists in various fields performed their work perfectly in just 28 days. This time was enough for:


● Creating a store project based on the company’s brand book, adapting it to engineering and construction standards, taking into account indirect factors that may affect its profitability.
● Carrying out a complex of repair and construction works with the use of modern materials and equipment.
● Installation of engineering networks
● Assembling and installing furniture.


Thanks to the professionalism of the CCG Development team, the Calzedonia store opened its doors to customers during New Year’s Eve discounts, delighting them not only with attractive prices, but also with spectacular design.

Caring for customers is the key to success

What do CCG Development and Calzedonia have in common? An irresistible desire to be a leader, not just meeting the needs of their customers, but ahead of them. This becomes possible only if new ways are found and there is no fear of change.


The CCG Development brand has been moving exclusively forward since its founding 10 years ago.


Only the best specialists in the team.
Only modern technologies and materials.
Only a perfect result.
Only positive feedback from individuals and entrepreneurs.


We know what each of our clients wants, and we understand how to make his wishes a reality in the shortest possible time. Even when they may seem unbelievable or too unusual to other developers.


CCG Development, like Calzedonia, is about experimenting with goals. Because without them it is impossible to surpass yourself and competitors. Our cooperation began with the appearance of a well-known Italian brand on the Ukrainian market and continues to this day. We are sincerely grateful to Calzedonia for the trust and the opportunity to participate in the construction of new format stores in Ukrainian megacities.



Ukraine, 01001, Kyiv city, Esplanadna str., House 20, office 1117
+38 066 599 18 17

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