Mango Shop

Mango Shop

Mango is a world-famous Spanish brand. It is difficult to meet a person who has never seen a variety of products decorated with a concise logo that is easy to remember.


For almost 40 years, Mango development has not left indifferent the inhabitants of more than 105 countries.


Kyiv, River Mall

Time spent

60 days


537,3 sq.m.

Number of employees



February – June 2020

Scope of work

design (engineering), repair and construction works, installation of engineering networks, manufacture and installation of furniture and facade

Mango and CCG: a result that exceeds expectations

Our cooperation with Mango began in 2020. From February to June (subject to quarantine restrictions), the CCG Development team worked on creating a new brand store in Kyiv River Mall.


As a proactive contractor, we focused all the workflows on ourselves, building the project work online, and although the customer was unable to visit the site, they saw and were always aware of all the project processes. In the conditions of lockdown, we found solutions and ways to implement them and did not let our client down by completing all the work on time, which we are proud of.


In total, 25 specialists from different fields took part in the project implementation. We were given the following tasks:


● Engineering design (development of electrical solutions, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, low-current communications, fire and burglar alarm systems).
● Repair and construction work under the author’s online supervision of a Spanish architect.
● Arrangement of engineering networks according to the projects developed by us with performance of start-up and adjustment works.
● Production and installation of facade, furniture.


A number of non-standard constructions on the ceiling and walls, individually made furniture and decorative panels distinguish this location from others and make it attractive for visitors to the shopping center.


Work on the 537-square-meter facility took 60 days. The store opened its doors to Ukrainian connoisseurs of the brand in June. Customers focused on the stylish laconic interior design, restrained tones, accurate accents that fully correspond to the concept of the legendary company.

The best for the best

We are sure that the store in the River Mall is the first and not the last project within the cooperation between Mango and CCG Development. At the heart of effective interaction, which finds a response in the hearts of fans of both brands from different countries, are common values.


● Mango and CCG are founded by real fans of their business.


Our teams sincerely support the success of brands and make every effort to achieve their goals. A clear understanding of your role in the life of the company helps each specialist to perform their duties properly. Impeccable reputation, customer trust for us are not the cliches, but the most valuable achievements.


● We offer customers exceptionally high quality products and work performed.


Leadership in its field is the main goal of our company. To do this, we are constantly evolving, improving the skills of specialists and the level of services provided. Innovative materials and equipment, modern methods of work, training and workshops for team members – without these components it is impossible in today’s conditions to become a successful and competitive company.


● Fashionable clothing, as well as design, high-quality repair and construction work must be available.


CCG Development and Mango pay special attention to pricing. We focus on customers as much as possible. Our services are characterized by optimal value for money. This is confirmed by the numerous positive reviews of companies and individuals with whom we have been cooperating for more than 10 years all over Ukraine.


Ukraine, 01001, Kyiv city, Esplanadna str., House 20, office 1117
+38 066 599 18 17

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