LC Waikiki

LC Waikiki
LC Waikiki

LC Waikiki is a popular Turkish brand for the whole family.


The company is our loyal customer who has returned many times. For more than 5 years of cooperation we have repaired more than 10 locations. The cases when our customers return are another indicator of our professionalism.


LC Waikiki is a clothes retailer that has become famous in many countries around the world continuing to grow. And we, CCG Development, have become the general contractor for the renovation of the premises having created another location that will bring the company a profit and help it to get closer to its goal – to enter the top three leading brands of clothing and fashion accessories in Europe by 2023.

Properly equipped premises are a successful business

Our staff includes high-class professionals who know all the intricacies of the work having built a facility with an area of ​​1600 square meters in 2 months.


A general contract was performed which included design, repair and construction work, and installation of utilities.




Time wasted

65 days


1600 sq m

Employees number




Work scope

General contracting

Customer comfort in the store is the key to the retailer's success

When opening a store, you need to consider many factors, some of which are ergonomics, lighting and attractiveness.


Qualified specialists effectively used every square meter in the retail space, created a convenient zoning and modern fitting rooms. The lighting is set up to demonstrate all the benefits of the product and draw the attention of all buyers.


The store was created to be bright and comfortable.


Renovation of retail space is a good investment in the development of your business. Therefore, this task should be entrusted to experienced professionals.


The CCG Development team worked professionally and handed over the facility on time, and this is an important quality of work for the repair of stores.

What do CCG Development and LC Waikiki have in common?

We and our client LC Waikiki are similar in doing business. Therefore, it is not surprising that aspirations and values ​​are also common:


● Being honest

● Respecting beliefs and differences of opinion

● Constantly developing

● Being able to overcome difficulties

● Making reasonable decisions


We are sincerely grateful to LC Waikiki for the trust to participate in the renovation of the store and become involved in the development and achievement of the brand’s goals.


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+38 066 599 18 17

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