Delhi Delhi Restaurant

Delhi Delhi Restaurant

“Delhi Delhi” is a curry bar in the heart of the capital offering guests its vision of modern Indian cuisine and impressing with its original interior.

India in the heart of Kyiv: why not?

The restaurant is located in a two-story building near Lev Tolstoi Square. After the opening, the curry bar with delicious cuisine and incredibly hospitable atmosphere quickly became popular among Kyivites and guests of the city. The CCG Development team is happy to have been involved in this unique project


Kyiv, 23, Vasylkivska St.

Time spent

90 days


320 sq.m.

Number of employees



November 2019 – February 2020

Scope of work

repair and construction works, installation of engineering networks: EL, HAV, WSS, HE.

How did the construction of the curry bar go?

Work on the 320-square-meter facility was carried out from November 2019 to the end of February 2020. 25 specialists of different areas of CCG Development performed the following:

● Full range of repair and construction works.
● Installation of engineering networks (electricity and electricity lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning, water supply and sewerage, heating).

It should be emphasized that the design and installation of utilities for catering establishments is a rather difficult task. It requires the involvement of highly qualified specialists with experience in this field.

Three months turned out to be enough to complete a full range of construction and engineering networks. The timely delivery of the object allowed the restaurant to welcome the first guests in the beginning of spring and to start conquering connoisseurs of gastronomy.

What is interesting for the guests of the space of the institution? The embodiment in the walls of a restaurant of modern India without the use of classic images common among tourists. All the ideas of the famous designer Kateryna Maidanova – a multi-storey area imitating the banks of the Ganges, national ornaments within the entrance group, reproduction in the toilet atmosphere of the Indian Ocean floor with a “garbage island” – are made using unique materials and harmoniously combined with utilities. The result of the work of the masters of CCG Development is fully consistent with the design project and received positive feedback from the designer and the owners of the curry bar

Experiments are the key to success!

This is not the first year we have been cooperating with talented restaurateurs, owners of well-known establishments – the network of Georgian restaurants “Mama Manana”, the restaurant of Chinese cuisine “China Ma”, whose next project was the curry bar “Delhi Delhi”.

Each of our common objects is the expansion of our own capabilities. Charismatic establishments differ from competitors not only in stylish design or delicious cuisine. They do not leave indifferent thanks to the concepts because of the smallest details included.

Participating in the construction of restaurants that have their own character is a responsible and difficult task. But we can say with confidence: having considerable experience, CCG Development professionals have fulfilled their task with dignity. Achievement of ideal results for customers is possible because of:
● Use of innovative equipment, work techniques, modern construction and finishing materials.
● Continuous professional development of specialists, implementation of recommendations of the world’s leading specialists.
● Individual approach to each client, active dialogue and discussion of all the nuances for the project, which fully meets the wishes



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